Wheat Ridge Summer Session: Yeti School

Wheat Ridge Summer Session: Yeti School

  • Ages: 10 months – 2.5 years

  • 45 minutes

  • Ski & Board Skills

  • Balance, Coordination, & Core Development

  • Parent-Child Class


Sessions currently open for registration:

  • Summer (Saturday, June 1st - Wednesday, August 14th / 10 classes) for $250

**There are NO CLASSES on May 27th or from July 1st-7th


  • Saturdays at 9am - first class is June 1st

  • Mondays at 6pm - first class is June 3rd

  • Wednesdays at 6pm - first class is June 5th 

With any questions on registration, please call (720) 366-3900 or email wheatridge@shredderski.com 

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Class Overview

Our Yeti School is a parent-child class that focuses on balance and strength training while introducing skiing, snowboarding, and biking to children ages 10 months to 2.5 years. This unique program is the perfect opportunity for your child to discover a love of snow sports and to develop athletic skills that will improve overall strength and coordination in their everyday activities. In addition to learning and practicing their ski and snowboard skills, the Yeti’s rock out during the opening circle song, practice difference stances in the warm-up, and have tons of fun learning in a fun and safe environment.

Children will gain confidence both on and off the slopes, make new friends, and enjoy unique bonding with their parents!

In each class, Yetis will participate in three stations: ski, snowboard, and kiddy "dryland training".

Ski Station

  • Boot warm up

  • Practice proper ski stance both on the ground and traveling down the Yeti Slope

  • Become comfortable moving with ski gear on

Snowboard Station

  • Flatland training: assisted and unassisted

  • Riding and getting comfortable moving down the Yeti Slope or Big Slope

  • Assisted heel slides and other skills

Kiddy "Dryland Training"

  • Gross motor skills and core body activities

  • Dynamic balance activities (Burton Riglet snowboards, balance boards, slack line)

  • Static balance activities (balance beam)

  • During the Spring, Summer and Fall 1 sessions, kids learn and navigate strider bikes around objects and over features